Official Tennessee Tech License Plate

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State of Tenn. TTU License Plate
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Show your Tech Pride and pre-order your plate now.  This plate is currently NOT available at your county court clerk's office and will not be until 1,000 plates are sold.

Funds raised from this new TTU specialty plate will go to the TTU Alumni Association to help support Tech. 

The annual fee for a specialty license plate is $35, which is in addition to your motor vehicle registration fee (and is the standard rate for a specialty plate).

These plates will not be produced or distributed by the state until 1,000 are sold.  At that point, we send of list of purchasers and the money to the state of TN.  Once the plates are produced, you will receive notice to pick up your plate at your county clerk's office.  From that point forward, customers can buy this tag along with all the other specialty plates at their county clerk's office.  The original/current TTU license plate was distributed by and benefitted the TN Arts Council, along with many other college and non-profit plates. 

Call the Alumni Relations Office at 931-372-3205 or toll free at 1-800-889-8730, or email if you have questions.

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