Tennessee Tech Golden Eagles Blend Coffee

Your cup of coffee is only as good as the beans roasted and we want to make sure you receive the very best! Not only is Golden Eagles Blend Coffee selected from the top one percent of beans from at least 18 different countries, but it is also roasted in small batches to allow for greater quality and care.

You can enjoy Golden Eagles Blend Coffee with your Golden Eagle friends and classmates while you strengthen your alma mater. Proceeds go to the TTU Alumni Association in support of events, programs, and services for YOU—our alumni, students and friends.

Available in a Variety of Roasts & Flavors • 12-Ounce Bags • 100% Arabica Coffee

Image: Golden Eagles Blend coffee 12 oz. bags & tailgate packs
  • Medium Roast: Wow! A super-fresh retro diner blend that makes a cup everyone will love. You cannot go wrong bringing Golden Ealges Blend to the family reunion or any other gathering. Sweet caramel flavors surrounded by a creamy body with peppy acidity. It's the perfect way to kick off your day!
  • Dark Roast: Pack your suitcase! Golden Eagles Blend Dark Roast has coffee beans from South America that has a nice acidity with an earthy nut finish. Chocolate notes punctuate this blend and shine through the velvety body. This blend has it all!
  • Hazelnut: The humble hazelnut is rapidly becoming a favorite of coffee drinkers. The nut itself is especially prized in Turkey, where coffee has been a mainstay since the 16th century. It’s only natural that the Turks would combine the two and discover one of the greatest flavors ever. We combine medium roasted Latin coffees with toasty hazelnut flavor to create a smooth, buttery-sweet coffee with very strong nutty aromas and flavors.

TO PURCHASE: Email or call the TTU Alumni Relations Office at 931-372-3205 or 1-800-889-8730 to find out more or purchase Golden Eagles Blend.