Lifetime Email Address & Forwarding Service

We're happy to provide an exciting service to TTU alumni and Tech Connect members. Avoid having to update your friends and family each time you change jobs or email accounts. Establish a free, personalized TTU Alumni Association email address that will remain yours for life by using the TTU Alumni Association email forwarding service.

Check out the TTU Alumni Association Lifetime Email Address & Forwarding Service.

What is the TTU Alumni Association email forwarding service?

The lifetime TTU Alumni Association personalized email is a forwarding service, rather than an actual email account. It forwards email sent to your address to an outside email account of your choice (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live or a work email account).

What are the benefits of using the service?

The benefits of using the alumni association email forwarding service are twofold: It's a great way to show your TTU Pride and you can keep the same email address – even if you change your email account, your email provider or your email address at work.

By using your email address, you don't have to update everyone when you make a change to your email account. You simply log on to and update the email “Forwarding Address.”

How do I establish a lifetime alumni association email address and set up email forwarding?

It's easy to set up! Once you’ve registered and established a login for the website, all you need to do is login and complete the Email Forwarding Form. Within 24-48 hours, email sent to your address will begin forwarding to the external account you indicated on the form.

Since this is an email forwarding service, your email would still be stored at the forwarding email account, and that is where you would continue to check your email.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

If you have questions or experience difficulty, please email or call the TTU Alumni Relations Office at (931) 372-3205 or toll-free at (800) 889-8730.

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